Tell you about point system for members here.

  • Point System Started!!
  • We have prepared point system in this site, which would be the advantage for members. When you reached at a certain level of points, you can go to STAGE1, which has many closed galleries and unpublished photos. That means you can see both contents STAGE0(here) and STAGE1. Once you are qalified to see STAGE1, its right will be valid until you cancel membership.
    ※You can see present points at the left top and under the GRAPHIS logo of the toppage.
  • Details of point system
  • ●About point

  • □How to check point
  • You can see your ID and present points at the left of the toppage.
  • 通常会員様のポイント表示 ステージ1会員様のポイント表示 ステージ2会員様のポイント表示
  • You can click "Watch Point History" to see the point history so far.
  • □Kinds of point
  • Total point
  • Continue to save since you subscribed for members. Lose points when you cancel membership.
    You can see the button to go to the other STAGE when this total point reaches at a certain revel.
  • Total 3000 points→See the button for STAGE1.
  • Total 6000 points→See the button for STAGE2.
  • Present point
  • Continue to save since you subscribed for members same as total point.
    You can use various service by using saved point.
    Now you can use "Free 1 month membership (needs 4000 points).
    We will provide other services by using present point in the future.

    ●How to save points

  • There are 2 kinds to save points.
  • 1. Add points when you subscribe and update for membarship.
  • Credit card
    Add 500 points for membership recurring every 30 days
    Add 1000 points for membership recurring every 60 days
    Add 1500 points for membership recurring every 90 days
  • Add points when to pay monthly membership fees.
    ※Add same points when you subscribe and update for membership.
  • 2. Add points when you log in usually and answer anquets.
  • Add 1 point when to log in and accecc to the member toppage once a day.(1 point a day)
    ※Only member toppage to add point. Please bookmark here.
  • We will give you some points for irregular anquete and campaign.
    We will inform you that in the toppage and news pages.
  • Q&A
  • Q:If I change the No. of credit card, what do I have to do?
    A:Ask the ZERO customer support, which manages credit card behalf of us.
  • Q:How will points be, when I cancel membership once?
    A: You will lose all points.
    ※Be carefull of the case that you fail to update credit card for loss of balance and expiry date.
    Pleaes let support know before when you change the card No.

  • Q: What is the difference between STAGE0 and STAGE1?
    A:In the STAGE1, you can see the contents, which has closed already or is update only STAGE1.
  • Q : I am a continuous member before renewal.
    A:We gave people, who had been a more than 1 yeare member at Oct, 2006, some points.
    We did not for the others.
  • Introduction of contents in STAGE1、STAGE2!
  • ・Re-update garalleies of GRAPHIS GALS and virgin nude, which finished already.
    ・Re-update garalleies, which closed already.
    ・Unpublished galleries